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Because a site is alive, because team members are resourceful and because no one is perfect, here are the new features and corrections already identified in the topo (2020 edition).
And don't hesitate to send us your comments here.

Umbrella sector

Ripaille 6a, modified track, 3+ seals
The bears L2bis 6a, modified track, 2 points in+.
Hot dog 6a, modified route, 2 anchors and a spit in +. The carrots are cooked, L2 Bis 6a+, new track (left variant)

Macumba river area
The laughing hyena L2 6c+, new route

Crack hot sector

Marco solo L1, new 6a variation,which avoids the 6c boulder step on the right (5 bolts)

Sector quasi Momo
Elle dit qu't't'as tort, L1 7a+, L2 6c+, L3 6c, new routes
Jeu de lego, 6c+, new route joined by L1 de Ideal de makake

Secteur spigolo
Soupe à la grimace, L2 7b+, new route Secteur

l'envol du faucon

L1 6a+ gum swing, modifiedroute , 7 seals in+.

Dragon Bridge sector
re-equipped sector